New Zealand
Stamp Errors

1975 Pictorials

1975 1c Sterling Silver Rose

PA1a      Normal PA1a(z)      Green Colour Offset Stamp 1 & 2, Green & Pink Colour Offset Stamp 3   ($2,000)

1975 2c Lilli Marlene Rose

PA2a(z)      Four Colour Offset On Back, plus a partial offset
PA2a(z)      Four Colour Offset On Back, plus a partial offset   ($1,000)

1975 3c Queen Elizabeth Rose

PA3b(y)      Grey-Purple (Shading on Petals & Leaves) Omitted on Top Stamp   ($1,500) PA3b(y)      Grey-Purple (Shading on Petals & Leaves) Omitted. First column normal, 2nd column partial, 3rd & 4th column omitted    ($4,500)
PA3a(z)      Imperforate Pair   ($600)

1975 4c Super Star Rose

PA4a(y)      Imperforate Pair   ($400)

1975 5c Diamond Jubilee Rose

PA6a(z) TAB A PA6a(z) TAB B
PA6a(z)           Adhesive Tabs were used to join one reel of paper to the next. The join is usually then cut off, but two sheets were found to have been missed. In the above examples, there are two Tab types. Tab A is from the top image, while Tab B is from the bottom image. In the above examples, the adhesive on the Tabs has dried out and the Tab has come loose. There is still another Tab in place on the bottom image, and can be seen on the top two rows          ($2,500)

1975 6c Cresset

PA6a Normal PA6a Red shift 3mm down and right   ($120) PA6a(y) Offset (both Red and Green) on back   ($750)
PA6a(x) Lower Three-Quarters Of Red Missing and the Red 1A from the Plate Markings   ($13,750)
PA6a(z)      2mm Grey Colour Shift Plate Block 1A1A1A1A1A   ($3,000)    Individual Stamps catalogued at $300

1975 8c Josephine Bruce Rose

 PA8a(y)      Yellow Colour Frame Partially Omitted   ($2,000)   PA8b(y)      Imperforate Pair   ($500) 
PA8b(x)      Green and Rose Colours Offset On Back, plus a partial offset   ($1,000)  PA8a(x)      Complete Yellow Offset on Back   ($500) 

1977 Queen Elizabeth II 10c

PA10b      Normal
PA10b(t)      Orange Colour Omitted. Major colour in dress   ($675)
PA10b      Normal with colour bars
PA10b(t)      Orange Colour Omitted. Major colour in dress. See colour bar.   ($1,350)
PA10b(w)      Blue Colour Frame Partially Omitted including Blue 2A from the Plate Markings  ($1,750)
PA10b(s)      Magenta Colour Shift and Ochre Colour Shift   ($325)
PA10b(z)      Blue Colour Omitted   ($1,500)
PA10b(u)      Imperforate Pair with colour shift   ($700)
PA10b(?)      Orange Shift To The Right   ($100)
PA10b(u)      Imperforate Pair   ($600)
PA10b(?)      Red Shift To The Left   ($100)
PA10b(?)      Red Shift To The Right   ($400)
PA10b(?)      Blue Border Thinning At Top Of Last Two Rows    ($250)
PA10a(z)      Guillotine Error
PA10a(z)      Guillotine Error (This strip is actually joined to the one above)   ($500)

1979 Queen Elizabeth II Provisional 14c on 10c

PA31a      Normal PA31a(z)      Orange Colour Omitted. Major colour in dress   ($675)
PA31a(w)      Double Surcharge, One Albino   ($400) PA31a(v)      Double Surcharge   ($350)
PA31a(o)      Surcharge Offset On Back   ($300) PA31a(x)      Surcharge Inverted   ($1,000)
PA31a      Normal PA31a(t)      Very Pale Aquamarine   ($175)

PA31a(?)      Downward Shift Of Black and Out Of Register Red and Orange   ($350)

1979 4c on 8c Josephine Bruce Rose

PA30a(wa)      Black Colour missing from 2 stamps in strip of 10   ($8,000)
Only one sheet of 10 strips known to exist.
PA30a      Normal PA30a      Black Overprint Major Shift Upwards   ($100)

1978 20c Paua Shell

PA15a      Normal PA15a(u)      Red Colour Offset On Back   ($475)

1978 30c Toheroa Shell

PA16a      Normal PA16a(z)      Violet Colour Offset On Back   ($450)

1978 $1 Scallop Shell

PA19a      Normal PA19a(z)      Yellow Colour Offset On Back   ($400)

1980 25c Maori Portraits

PA26a      Normal PA26aya      Brilliant blue colour offset on back showing all features    ($500)

1982 24c Map Stamp

PA35az      No Lighter Areas Of Sea (Pair)    ($100) PA35b      Not an error, just a very hard to find plate block 117 of the 24c Map Stamp    ($800)


New Zealand Stamp Errors