New Zealand
Stamp Errors

1982 to 1996 Pictorials


1982 Minerals 1c Nephrite

PB1b      Normal PB1b      Major Perforation Shift, showing selvedge markings normally guillotined off   ($500) PB1b(z)      Block of 4 Imperforate at Top (with Selvedge) from plate 11114   ($750)

1982 Minerals 2c Agate

PB2b      Normal PB2b(z)      Blue and Grey Colours Offset On Back   ($400)

1985 Birds - Kakapo

PC1a      Normal PC1a(?)      Stamps were prepared for release, but the postal rate of 25c was increased
just prior to release, requiring a reprint as 30c    ($1,600)

1985 Royal Portrait

PB12a      Normal PB12a(?)      Absence Of "Family Order" On Blue Sash   ($150)

1988 40c Kiwi

PC15a(z)      Double Perforations Row 10   ($300)

1988 50c Kingfisher

PC17a      Striking Shade Variety on 2 Marginal Stamps caused by Blue Dry Print   ($200)

1991 & 1993 $1.00 Circular Kiwis

PC28b      Red Design Shift   ($300) PC28c      Blue Design Shift   ($275)

1992 Scenic Panorama Booklet      Major Guillotining Error


Booklet W39by containing PC44a to PC53a. A block of 10 (5 x 2) of different 45c Panorama Stamps. Red foldable cover. Roman Numeral III on back.
The block of 5 joined booklets has gone through the guillotining process on an angle, resulting in the stamp pane displaying very unusual combinations of stamp sizes and shape. This is one of those 5 booklets.

1996 $3.00 Yellow Admiral

PC41b      Normal PC41b(z)      Grey & Green Colours Missing   ($1,500)

2000 Circular Kiwis Miniature Sheet

PCM15c      2000 Circular Kiwis Miniature Sheet, World Stamp Expo, Anaheim. Double Perforations.   ($1,500)


New Zealand Stamp Errors