Don Wilson and Stefan Brown

    Stefan Brown
    Don Wilson

Before forming Ebony, Don Wilson & Stefan Brown released a single on the Strange label under their own names in 1972.

Ebony were a Wellington pop duo consisting of Stefan Brown and Don Wilson. There first single on Philips was "The Fool" in 1973. It was an entry on "Studio One Hits" that year.


Switching to Polydor the next single, also 1973, was "Big Norm"/"Tavern Girl". The song "Big Norm" was written about Labour Prime Minister Norman Kirk, an extremely popular leader and a big man with a big heart. The single peaked at number 4 on the National charts in January 1974.

In 1974 a self-titled album was released and from it came two singles, "Laze In The Morning Sun"/"Big Gough" and "Everyone's Heart Gets Broken"/"Colours Of The World".


Ebony later evolved into a group by adding Vic Singe, Alan Brown and Simon Morris on bass, Kerry Jacobsen on drums and Steve Robinson on guitar, before evolving into the Heartbreakers. Kerry was then to soon show up in Dragon.

In 1984 Don Wilson joined up with Wellington singer / songwriter Paul Schreuder as a duo and released a single on the Jayrem label.

Ebony can also be found on the following compilations:-



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