Impact Records

1966 - 1978


Impact Records was an Independent New Zealand label operating between 1966 and 1980. Owned by promoter Benny Levin and Russell Clark. Impact Records was originally distributed by HMV. In 1968 Pye (NZ) Ltd took over distribution. By 1976 WEA were distributing Impact.

The catalogue numbers started at IR.1001 and went through to IR.1057, at which point there appears to be a gap in the numbers with a new range starting at IR.1070 through to IR.1088, and then a final three starting at IR.2000.


IR.1001          Mar-1966

Ray Columbus

A: We Want A Beat
B: I've Been There Baby

IR.1002          Apr-1966

Lew Pryme

A: A Star Is Born (A Love Has Died)
B: Personality

IR.1003          Mar-1966

Gerry Merito

A: Spaceman (Medley)
B: Joshua (Fought The Battle Of Jericho)

IR.1004          May-1966

Larry's Rebels

A: My Prayer
B: What Am I To Do

IR.1005          May-1966

Allison Durbin

A: Sailor Boy
B: My Last Date

IR.1006          Jul-1966

Ray Columbus

A: I Need You
B: That's What Happened To Me

IR.1007          Aug-1966

Gerry Merito

A: Maori Springbok Song (One By One)
B: Pokare Kare Ana

IR.1008          1966


A: How You Lied
B: Rooftops And Chimneys

IR.1009          1966

Gerry Merito

A: Blackboard Of My Heart
B: Your Cheatin' Heart

IR.1010          Aug-1966

Larry's Rebels

A: It's Not True
B: Since I Don't Have You

IR.1011          1966

Gray Bartlett

A: Secret Agent 009
B: Return Of Zero Man

IR.1012          1966


A: Tweedle Dee
B: Rebel Kind

IR.1013          1966

Allison Durbin

A: Borrow My Love
B: Don't Let It Happen

IR.1014          1966

Warren Lambert

A: Those Railway Tracks (Run In Between)
B: That Is Why

IR.1015          Dec-1966

Larry's Rebels

A: I Feel Good
B: What'cha Gonna Do About It

IR.1016          Jan-1967

Big Mike Durney

A: Many Yesterdays Ago
B: An Island To Oneself

IR.1017          Apr-1967

Gerry Merito

A: Music Music Music (Currency Capers)
B: My Voice Keeps Changing On Me

IR.1018          Apr-1967

Larry's Rebels

A: Painter Man
B: You're On My Mind

IR.1019          May-1967


A: He's Ready
B: Lost Women

IR.1020          Jul-1967

Big Mike Durney

A: Waves Of Heartbreak
B: My Heart 's Like A Merry Go Round

IR.1021          Sep-1967

Ray Columbus

A: There's No Room In The 'In' Crowd
B: Edelweiss

IR.1022          Sep-1967

Larry's Rebels

A: Stormy Winds
B: Let's Think Of Something

IR.1023          Sep-1967          Non-NZ Artist

Eden Kane

A: My Whole World Is Tumbling Down
B: In The Day Of My Youth

IR.1024          Sep-1967          Non-NZ Artist

Maggie Joddrell

A: Come On Down
B: It's Not Unusual

IR.1025          Sep-1967

Robert Gennari

A: Grown Up Games
B: I Who Have Nothing

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