Lexian Record Co Ltd

1962 - 1964

Created in 1961 by Alex Jennings.


LS-1          1962

Louis Parun

A: You Know What I Mean
B: One Last Kiss

LS-2          1962

Christine Barnett

A: I Listen To My Heart
B: Cry For You

LS-3          1962

Rod Stone

A: Skye Boat
B: Friendly Persuasion

LS-4          1962

Sammy Rodgers

A: Somebody To Love
B: Sleepless Nights

LS-5          1962

Tommy Adderley

A: Knee Deep In The Blues
B: Write Me A Letter

LS-6          1962

Louis Parun with the Premiers

A: Why Little Girl
B: It's You

LS-7          1962

Christine Barnett

A: That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome
B: No One To Cry To

LS-8          1963

Louis Parun with the Librettos

A: A World I Can't Live In
B: Outsider








LS-10          1963

Tommy Adderley

A: Comin' Home Baby
B: Girl In The Wood (Remember Me)

LS-11          1963

Al Paget Sextet

A: Black Saddle
B: Christopher Columbus (Bosa Nova)

LS-12          1963

Tommy Adderley

A: Enjoy It
B: Dance The Blue Beat

LS-13          1963

Christine Barnett with the Garth Young Orchestra

A: Teenage Love
B: Overboard

LS-14          1963

Tommy Adderley with the Garth Young Orchestra

A: A Kiss From My Love
B: Love Will Come To You

LS-15          1963

Garth Young and His Orchestra & Chorus

A: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
B: Hot Gospel

LS-16          1963

Louis Parun with The Premiers

A: Like I Love You

Louis Parun

B: Lonely Boy

LS-17          1963

Lyn Barnett

A: Birthday Party

Lyn Barnett with the Garth Young Orchestra

B: That's Why I Love Him

LS-18          1963


A: Keeper Of The Lighthouse
B: Whistling Gypsy

LS-19          1964


A: Avalanche
B: Moon Tide

LS-20          1964

Christine Barnett with the Garth Young Orchestra

A: Walking Down The Road
B: Over The Mountain, Across The Sea



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