Mike Buckler


Mike Buckler originated from Hamilton, but moved to Auckland in search of a pop career. In 1962, John Ewan, boss of the Octagon label, saw Mike's potential and put him in the recording studio with the Hi-Lites and the Graham Bartlett Combo to record a cover of John Leyton's hit "Wild Wind" and "Stick With Me Baby". Then it was the turn of the Octones with Rudy and the Crystals to provide backing for "Sing" and the Johnny Tittotson pop hit "It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' ". A third single with Mike once again being backed by Rudy and the Crystals was "Swingin' Down The Lane" and a cover of Charlie Rich's "I'm Coming Home".


In 1963 Mike Buckler moved to Viking to record one further single and then seemed to vanish from the scene.

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