Viking Records 5


VS.101          1962          Non NZ Artist

Elmer Bernstein

A: Walk On The Wild Side Jazz - Side 1
B: Walk On The Wild Side Jazz - Side 2




VS.102          1962          Non NZ Artist

Clarence Henry

A: Lost Without You
B: Dream Myself A Sweetheart



103          1962

Herma Keil and the Keil Isles

A: Around The World
B: We Belong Together

104          1962


A: No Trace
B: Ghia

105          1962


A: How Many Times
B: Ta Ta

106          1962          Non NZ Artist


A: Tender Years
B: I'll Never Be The Same



107          1962

Herma Keil and the Keil Isles

A: Let's Dance
B: Flip Flop And Fly

108          1962          Non NZ Artist

Bobby Curtola

A: Aladdin
B: I Don't Want To Go On Without You



109          1962

Antonio Williams

A: How Many Nights, How Many Days
B: For The First Time In My Life

110          1962

Lyn Barnett with the Sundowners

A: Ordinary Guy
B: Aren't Some People Funny

111          1962

Anne Murphy with the Sundowners

A: Lessons In Love
B: Careless Hands

112          1962

Toni Williams

A: You Are My Sunshine
B: Love Came To Me

113          1962

Peter Posa and his Golden Guitar

A: Galloping Guitars
B: Jessie

114          1962


A: Walk Right In
B: Weeping Willow

115          1963

Des Gibson

A: From A Jack To A King
B: Mad, Mad World

116          1963


A: Planet 10
B: Man From Laramie

117          1963

Sonny Day And The Sundowners

A: Hullo Out There
B: More And More And More

118          1963

Herma Keil and the Keil Isles

A: Cinnamon Cinder
B: There's Gonna Be Some Lovin' Done Tonight

119          1963

Anne Murphy

A: Big Girls Don't Cry
B: Going Back To Bobby

120          1963

K. Dons

A: I'm A Fool
B: When You're In Love

121          1963

Herma Keil and Anne Murphy with the Keil Isles

A: We're Goin' Dancing

Herma Keil and the Keil Isles

B: Marie

122          1963

Mike Buckler

A: Come On Back
B: Falling Tear Drops

123          1963

Jimmie Sloggett Combo

A: Yakety Sax
B: Shake

124          1963

Herma Keil and the Keil Isles

A: If You Wanna Be Happy
B: Little Papoose

125          1963

Des Gibson

A: Will I Do
B: Falling Teardrops

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