Viking Records 8


176          Aug-1965

Judge Wayne And The Convicts

A: I'm Crying
B: Mr. Moonlight

177          1965          Non NZ Artist


A: Little Boy Sad
B: You'll See Me Cry



178          Aug-1965          Non NZ Artist

Bobby Jameson

A: Rum Pum
B: Please Mr. Mailman



179          Aug-1965          Non NZ Artist

Cannon Brothers With The Shades

A: Turn Your Eyes To Me

Cannon Brothers

B: Don't Stop Now



180          Sep-1965

Dinah Lee

A: Pushing A Good Thing Too Far
B: That's It I Quit

181          Jan-1966          Non NZ Artist


A: Close To Me
B: Me And You



182          Sep-1965


A: Hucklebuck
B: Looking For The Right Guy

183          Jan-1966          Non NZ Artist

Bartholemew + 3

A: She's Mine
B: You're Not There



184          Jan-1966          Non NZ Artist

Chad Allan And The Expressions

A: I Want You To Love Me
B: Tossin' And Turnin'



185          Sep-1965

Peter Posa With The Chicks

A: Do You Want To Dance
B: Terry

186          Sep-1965


A: Love Is A Very Funny Thing
B: Man On The Move

187          Sep-1965

Herma and the Keil Isles

A: Teardrops
B: Stagger Lee

188          1965

Judge Wayne

A: Little Miss Rhythm And Blues
B: Here I Am

189          Nov-1965

Tommy Adderley and Mike Perjanik Show Band

A: I've Got My Mojo Working
B: This Little Girl Of Mine

VS.190          Jan-1966


A: Beach Bunny
B: Ramble Away

191          1965


A: Java Jones
B: He's My Guy

192          1966

Ken Lemon

A: Four Kinds Of Lonely
B: Driftin' Along

193          Nov-1965          Non NZ Artist

Roy Head And The Traits

A: Treat Her Right
B: So Long, My Love



VS.194          Mar-1966

Peter Posa

A: Gizmo
B: Whatsi

VS.195          Mar-1966          Non NZ Artist

Roy Head And The Traits

A: Apple Of My Eye
B: I Pass The Day



VS.196          May-1966          Non NZ Artist


A: Alright
B: Wonderful You



VS.197          Mar-1966

Dinah Lee

A: He Don't Want Your Love Anymore
B: Don't You Just Know It

VS.198          Apr-1966          Non NZ Artist

Bobby Bland

A: I'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)
B: If You Could Read My Mind



VS.199          1966


A: Cumala Be-Stay
B: Be Bop A Lula

VS.200          May-1966

Leo Clark With Tony And The Initials

A: I May Never Pass This Way Again
B: I Know

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