Viking Records 13




VS 301





VS 302          1974

Paul Terry

A: Tale Of Maria
B: Like The Fellow Once Said

VS 303          1974

Leslie Mettam

A: Preacher Man Joe
B: Taking His Love Away From Me (Ain't Gonna Be Easy)

VS 304          1974


A: 24 Sycamore Street
B: Eloise

VS 305          1974

Steve Allen

A: Music
B: Loser

VS 306          1974

N.Z. Army Band

A: New Zealand On Parade
B: Entry Of The Gladiator

VS 307          1974          Non NZ Artist

Stephanie De Sykes (With Rain)

A: Born With A Smile On My Face
B: Woman's Intuition





VS 308






VS 309




VS 310          1975

Steve Allen

A: Goodnight Train
B: Story Book Love Affair

VS 311          1975          Non NZ Artist

Sweet Dreams

A: Honey Honey
B: I Surrender





VS 312




VS 313          1975          Non NZ Artist

Lester Coombs

A: I'm Fine Thank You (When I Grow Too Old To Dream)
B: What's Your Father Do?



VS 314          1975          Non NZ Artist

Bob Hudson

A: Newcastle Song
B: Ventriloquist Love



VS 315          1975

Wiki Baker with The New Zealand Maori Chorale

A: Awhi Mai Ra

New Zealand Maori Chorale

B: Haere Ra E Hine Hoki Hoki

VS 316          1975          Non NZ Artist

Maureen Elkner And Normie

A: Rak Off Normie
B: Norman





VS 317




VS 318          1975          Non NZ Artist


A: Funky Gibbon
B: Sick-Man Blues



VS 319          1975

Steve Allen

A: She Was A Melody
B: Is It Going To Work Out



VS 320




VS 321          1975

Stan White

A: Hinemoa And Tutanekai
B: (New Zealand) Woman's Country Smile

VS 322          1975

Brenda Thompson

A: Country Feeling
B: Butterfingers

VS 323          1975

Gumboot Orchestra And Chorus

A: Fred Dagg And The Man From Tamaki (Get In Behind Song)

Janette Potts

B: Social Worker



VS 324




VS 325          1975          Non NZ Artist

Matthew Green's Orchestral Rainbow

A: We Three Kings
B: First Noel




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