Viking Records 10


VS.226          1967

Dinah Lee

A: Sorry Mama
B: I Keep Forgetting

VS.227          1967

Paul Fisher

A: I Don't Need That Kind Of Lovin'
B: Blue Monday

VS.228          1968

Maria Dallas

A: You Don't Treat Me Right
B: It's Such A Pretty World Today

VS.229          1968          Non NZ Artist

Quentin E. Klopjaeger With The Gonks

A: Lazy Life
B: Long Way Home



VS.230          1968

Maria Dallas

A: Everybody
B: Two Ships Passing In The Night

VS.231          1968          Non NZ Artist

Bell Brothers

A: Tell Him No
B: Throw Away The Key



VS.232          1968          Non NZ Artist

Bobby Curtola

A: Pretty Blue Eyes
B: Taking A Picture



VS.233          Oct-1969          Non NZ Artist

Al Lopaka

A: Salomila
B: Faithfully Yours



VS.234          Oct-1969          Non NZ Artist


A: Age (Where I Started Again)
B: Summer Sunsets



VS.235          Nov-1969

Garner Wayne And The Saddle Pals

A: Birthday Wishes
B: There's A Star Shining Bright

VS.236          1969          Non NZ Artist

Buchanan Brothers

A: Son Of A Lovin' Man
B: I'll Never Get Enough



VS.237          1969


A: Lady Came From Baltimore
B: This World Goes 'Round And 'Round

VS 238          Nov-1969          Non NZ Artist

Piero Umiliani

A: Mah-Na-Mah-Na
B: You Tried To Warn Me



VS.239          1969          Non NZ Artist


A: Clap Your Hands
B: Daddy Said



VS.240          1969          Non NZ Artist

Dianne Brooks

A: Walkin' On My Mind
B: Need To Belong



VS.241          1969

Maria Dallas

A: That's All This Old World Needs
B: Things Go Better With Love

VS.242          1969          Non NZ Artist

Mel And Tim

A: Backfield In Motion
B: Do Right Baby



VS.243          Apr-1970          Non NZ Artist

Back Street Band

A: This Ain't The Road
B: Daybreak



VS.244          1970          Non NZ Artist

Max Romeo

A: Mini-Skirt Vision
B: Far Far Away



VS.245          1970          Non NZ Artist

Medium Wave

A: A Walk In The Sunshine
B: Looking Towards The Sky



VS.246          1970          Non NZ Artist

Vic Damone

A: For Once In My Life
B: Don't Let Me Go



VS.247          Jun-1970          Non NZ Artist

Buchanan Brothers

A: Last Time
B: Feelin' That I Get



VS.248          Jun-1970          Non NZ Artist


A: A Sad Song With A Happy Soul
B: I Gotta Have You



VS.249          1970          Non NZ Artist


A: Heintje, Build A Castle For Me (Heintje, Baue Ein Schloss Fur Mich)
B: Little Bingo (Little Teddy Bear - Kleine Bingo)



VS.250          1970          Non NZ Artist


A: My Little Songs (Mein Kleine Herzensmelodie)
B: Tulips From Amsterdam (Tulpen Aus Amesterdam)




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