Viking Records 11


VS.251          Jun-1970          Non NZ Artist

Julie Rogers

A: Which Way To Nowhere
B: Love Theme From "Michael And Helga"




VS.252          Jun-1970          Non NZ Artist

Mel And Tim

A: Good Guys Only Win In The Movies
B: I Found That I Was Wrong



VS.253          Aug-1970          Non NZ Artist

Alan Lake

A: Good Times
B: Got To Have Tenderness



VS.254          Aug-1970

Maria Dallas

A: Pinocchio
B: Umm Bala Bomba

VS.255          1970

Bryan Bates

A: If I Smile
B: If Music Be The Food Of Love

VS.256          1970          Non NZ Artist

Desmond Dekker

A: You Can Get It If You Really Want
B: Perserverance



VS.257          1970

Maria Dallas

A: Sunday Morning In Petticoat Lane
B: Places

VS.258          1971

Maria Dallas

A: Little Tiny Steamboat
B: Rose Garden

VS.259          1971

Maria Dallas

A: Sunshine Way
B: A Sad Song With A Happy Soul

VS.260          1971

Lyn Calman

A: Maybe Someday
B: Just Biding My Time

VS.261          1971

Steve Allen

A: Where Do I Go
B: My First Day In The World Without Her













VS.264          1972

Ginny Peters

A: Love Won't Come Easy
B: One More Time

VS.265          1972

Maria Dallas

A: Life's Carousel
B: A Little Bit Of Loving

VS.266          1972

April '72

A: How Do You Do
B: Sacramento

VS.267          1972


A: Carolina
B: Here In My Heart

VS.268          1972

Ellington Charles

A: Most Beautiful Thing In The World Is A Woman
B: Tall Trees (From Acorns Grow)

VS.269          1972

John Daymond Jnr.

A: Two Worlds
B: A Day In The Life Of A Fool

VS.270          1972

Steve Allen

A: That Go Well Feeling
B: Take A Look Around

VS.271          1972

Maria Dallas

A: Call Of The Bellbird
B: A Little Bit Of Soap

VS 272          1972

Transit Show Group

A: Scotchman Rock
B: Guitar Boogie

VS 273          1972


A: Celebration
B: It's Wrong

VS 274          1972


A: Can't Help Myself
B: Pearl

VS 275          1972


A: After The Feeling Has Gone
B: So Much Love

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