Viking Records 12


VS 276          1972

John Daymond Jnr.

A: I'll Paint You A Song
B: Mothers And Fathers

VS 277          1972

Steve Allen

A: Life On Mars?
B: Baby I'm-A Want You; Everything I Own; Diary



VS 278          1972 


A: Clear White Light
B: In The Rain



VS 279          1972          Non NZ Artist

Pipe Major K. G. Roe With 101 Strings

A: My Home
B: Scotland The Brave



VS 280          1973

Steve Allen

A: Top Of The World
B: Rainy Days And Mondays

VS 281          1973

Ruben And The Jets

A: I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
B: B Side Blues



VS 282          1973


A: John, Where You Going
B: In The Rain



VS 283          1973

Steve Allen

A: Join Together
B: Silas Peabody

VS 284          1973


A: Back To Dreaming Again
B: Happy

VS 285          1973

Maria Dallas

A: A Taste Of Money
B: Humpty Dumpty

VS 286          1973


A: Tell Laura I Love Her
B: Blind Boy

VS 287          1973

Steve Allen

A: Ain't It Nice
B: My Friends

VS 288          1973          Non NZ Artist

Rockin' Berries

A: Day To Day
B: Big Louis' Birthday



VS 289          1973          Non NZ Artist

Don Gibson

A: Touch The Morning
B: Too Soon To Know



VS 290          1973

Transit Show Band

A: Rockin' Little Angel
B: Hoki Mai

VS 291          1974


A: Teeny Bopper
B: Windy City

VS 292          1974

Brass Incorporated

A: Join Together
B: Sylas Peabody

VS 293          1974

John MacRae With The Freewheelers

A: I've Been A Fool
B: Together

VS 294          1974

Steve Allen

A: Villa Katrina
B: Singers Song



VS 295






VS 296






VS 297






VS 298




VS 299          1974          Non NZ Artist

Frankie Davidson

A: Man From Snowy River
B: I Love You Now





VS 300





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