Dave Feehan (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
    Wayne Feehan (Keyboards)
    Lawrence Cooper (Lead Guitar)
    Graham McFarlane (Drums)


Tapestry were formed in 1970 and gigged the Wellington circuit in the early seventies. They actually evolved from the Lost Soul. They were a hard working foursome who cut "Midnight Rider"/"In The Shadows" in 1971 on Climax label. Switching to UBA they recorded three more singles "Celebration"/"It's Wrong" in 1972, "Clear White Light"/"In The Rain" in 1972 and "John, Where You Going"/"In The Rain" in 1973. One of these was also released in Australia on CBS.


Tapestry were resident at the Cave in Wellington and lasted as a group until 1976. Quite a few of Wellington's finest musicians passed through the group at various times, including Kerry Jacobsen, who went on to play with Dragon, and Robbie Mackie and Dave Kirkland from Cellophane, as well as James Dwain and Glenn Timihou from Spyce Of Lyfe and Creation.

In the eighties, Dave Feehan expanded his repertoire to embrace soul and jazz, recording an album and two singles.

Tapestry can also be found on the following compilation:-


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