Moses and the Munks

    Robbie Laven (Lead Guitar)
    Kim (Rhythm Guitar)
    Trevor Tombleson (Bass Guitar)
    Brian (Drums)
    Murray Grindley (Vocals)

Moses and the Munks were a group that played around the Auckland area for about a year in 1965 and 1966. They grew out of a band called the Shantexs from 1964. Although they never recorded, from their ranks came three important musicians who played major roles in future New Zealand groups.

Murray Grindley went on to the very successful Underdogs, while Robbie Laven joined Hamilton group the 1953 Memorial Society Rock 'n' Roll Band before going to the Red Hot Peppers. Trevor Tombleson joined the Jamestown Union, before going on to Ticket and then Living Force in the seventies.


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