Sensational Six - The Strangers

Jivin' Ivan and the Jivinaires
, from Left: Colin Doughty, Francis Walsh, Roger Whiteman, Bob Crozier, Brian Dunn & Ivan Langdon

    Roger Whiteman (Guitar)
    Francis Walsh (Bass Guitar)
    Ivan Langdon (Vocals)
    Colin Doughty (Lead Guitar)
    Bob Crozier (Drums)

The Sensational Six were a Wellington based rock and roll band heavily influenced by the music of the Shadows and the Ventures. They began life as The Echos, but to avoid confusion with another group of that name they became Jivin' Ivan and the Jivinaires for a few months, before changing it again to the Strangers in 1960 and became a popular band on the Hutt Valley circuit. This Strangers was a different group to the Christchurch band of the same name, formed in 1963 and the Invercargill group also from 1963.

When Bob Crozier left to join the Corvairs, he was replaced by Ted Stacey on drums and at the same time Trevor Geale joined the group on saxophone.

In 1962 the Strangers were a support act at a concert featuring Ray Columbus and the Invaders and Max Merritt and the Meteors, playing well enough to secure more live work.

The Strangers, clockwise from left: Francis Walsh, Trevor Geale, Ted Stacy, Ivan Langdon, Roger Whiteman & Colin Doughty.

In early 1963, Roger Whiteman left and he was replaced by Kevin Stent, from the Dominos, who played guitar and also added vocals, which was handy as shortly afterwards, vocalist Ivan Langdon left to get married. The group continued on until 1964, at which time they disbanded. Colin Doughty later played with the Verse 4.

In the early sixties, the group recorded a test disc called "Isle Of Capri Rock"/"I've Still Got You" for EMI, but it was never released.


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