Short Story

    Kevin Bayley (Guitar)
    Colin Bayley (Guitar)
    Leon Keil (Bass Guitar)
    Steve Garden (Drums)
    Gary Taylor (Keyboards)

Short Story, a Wellington pop group, was centred around the talents of Kevin Bayley. For more than ten years Kevin had been a dominant presence in the New Zealand rock music scene. His musical background can be traced through bands such as Chapta, Taylor and Rockinghorse, the latter being his most successful.

During his time with Rockinghorse, Kevin began his career as a songwriter. He was responsible for at least half the songs on their "Grand Affaire" album. This album also brought the development of his distinctive guitar and vocal style.

Short Story was a perfect vehicle for his growing number of original songs. Supported by his brother Colin, to share the vocal duties, they also had a tight accomplished rhythm section.

Their first single in 1979 on CBS was "Julia"/"Danny's Blues". This was followed by "Halfway To Paradise"/"Whole Lotta Looking" released as by Kevin Bayley's Short Story also on CBS in 1979.

Colin Bayley went on to lead a small-time Sydney band called Silent Movies, and then joined a later version of Mi-Sex in 1983 as second guitarist.


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