Arch, 1970, Rob McGinley, Paul Hewson, Rangi Williams, Peter Grattan, Chris 'Noddy' Dawson.

    Rob McGinley (Guitar)
    Rangi Williams (Vocals)
    Chris 'Noddy' Dawson (Bass)
    Paul Hewson (Keyboards)
    Ray Archer (Drums)

This was the line-up that went under the name of Arch in 1970. But their beginnings were much earlier than that. In 1966, the Marble Arch were formed, with Rob, Paul and Rangi, along with Ken Thomas on drums and Paul's brother John on bass. This line-up didn't stay long. A new version consisting of Rob McGinley, Ken Thomas, Chris Dawson on bass, Paddy Gibbons on keyboards and Rick Kiddell on vocals, emerged and they called themselves Dream. This combination stayed around a bit longer until Kiddell left for Australia, at which point a new Dream was formed. This time it had Rob McGinley, Chris Dawson, Paul Hewson back on keyboards, Rangi Williams back as singer, and Ray Archer on drums. Not long after getting together, they changed their name to Arch. Peter Grattan played drums for a short while in early 1967, and then left to join Green and Yellow, but returned in 1970 ,shortly before the end.

Arch, 1970, Paul, Peter, Rob, Chris & Rangi

This combination proved to be more successful with Zodiac signing them for a single. The single was an original by Paul Hewson, being one of the earliest of his long list of compositions. It was called "Sit By Your Window"/"Dear Madeleine" and released in 1970.


Arch performed at many of the Auckland nightclubs, including Bo-Peep, Galaxie, Aubreys and the Oriental. They were one of the featured acts at "Redwood '70". By the end of 1970 the band quit. Paul Hewson left and joined Cruise Lane before moving on to Dragon. The remainder of Arch called themselves Freedom Express and they continued playing at Aubreys before splitting up themselves about 18 months later.

Arch can also been found on the following compilation.


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