Sea Of Tranquility


    Tommy Adderley (Vocals)
    Jimmy Sloggett (Saxophone)
    Len Whittle (Keyboards)
    Billy Kristian (Bass Guitar)
    Frank Conway (Drums / Percussion)

Sea Of Tranquility were an Auckland based pop group. This were around for a short time at the end of 1969 through to early 1970. Tommy Adderley, who had been involved in music in New Zealand since 1959, moved from this group to another short-lived jazz group called the Adderley Walker Movement with pianist Mike Walker, and from there he formed Headband.

Jimmy Sloggett had also been around from the early sixties, having had a stint with the Keil Isles, before forming his own Jimmy Sloggett Band. Len Whittle had previously been a member of the Troubled Mind and later joined the 1975 version of Headband with Tommy.

Billy Kristian had been with all the important groups of the sixties, including Ray Columbus and the Invaders, Max Merritt and the Meteors, and the Keil Isles.

Sea Of Tranquility released two singles during their time. The first was "Epitaph"/"Charlena" on Zodiac in 1969 and the second was "It's Got To Be Mellow"/"Gonna Get Along Without You Now" on Festival in 1970.


Sea Of Tranquility can also be found on the following compilation:-


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