Stacey Grove

Stacey Grove : Don Wilson, Kim Priest, Mark Jones & Stefan Brown.

    Stefan Brown (Lead Guitar / Vocals)
    Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals)
    Mark Jones (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
    Kim Priest (Drums )

Stacey Grove were a Wellington group from the Upper Hutt around from 1969 to 1970.

Stefan and Don were school friends and at the age of 15, they formed their first group, the Zephyrs, with  Stefan's brother Glenn on bass. They changed their name to Fink, bringing in drummer Kim Priest.

Fink: Kim Priest, Don Wilson, Glenn Brown & Stefan Brown.

After this, Glenn Brown left and was replaced by Derek Archer. Another name change, this time to Winnie The Pooh.

Winnie The Pooh: Don Wilson, Kim Priest, Derek Archer & Stefan Brown.

When Derek Archer was enticed to join the Lost Soul, Mark Jones was brought in on bass guitar and a final name change came with Stacey Grove.

Regular gigs were scored at “underground” Wellington nightclubs The Place in Willis Street, Ali Baba’s in Cuba Street and Lucifer’s in Dixon Street. Rob Robinson, former Philips A&R manager/ producer spotted them, and became their manager. Robinson used his connections to get the band a recording contract with Philips and had them in the studio in 1969 to record their one and only single, ‘Please Mr. Neighbour’ b/w ‘A Tale Of Life’, both originals by Wilson and Brown.

Late 1970 saw another line-up change with drummer Kim Priest leaving to also join the Lost Soul, to be replaced by Murray Brookie. His time with the band was brief as he sadly overdosed and was replaced by Mike Phillips.

Shortly after the band folded. Mike Phillips went on to join a new combination of Creation. Stefan formed a duo called Deuce with Steve Gilpin, later of Mi-Sex. When Deuce split up, Stefan got back together with Don Wilson and they formed the duo Ebony, and came to national fame with the single "Big Norm".

Ebony added a number of other musicians and eventually Don Wilson turned that group into the Heartbreakers.


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