Neville Barrie (Guitar / Vocals)
    John Clarke (Drums / Vocals)
    Eric Robinson (Keyboards / Vocals)

The Footsteps were a Christchurch pop trio who began recording in 1972. They produced five singles on five different labels between 1972 and 1975.

Neville Barrie began his pop vocal career when he formed a group called Neville Barrie and the Deltas.

Neville later moved to Christchurch where he formed the Footsteps. Peter Gillette later replaced Eric Robinson on keyboards. Peter was also a member of Peter Nelson and the Castaways as well as having a stint with Chapta and later playing with Moviez.

The five singles by the Footsteps were "Maybe"/"For You" in 1972, "Oh What A Day" backed with a Rob Guest song in 1973, "Christmas Time"/"Love Is All The Colours" in 1973, "Do You Care"/"Streaking" in 1974 and "Wrist Wrestling"/"Do You Care" in 1975.


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