Neville Barrie (Guitar / Vocals)
    John Clarke (Drums / Vocals)
    Eric Robinson (Keyboards / Vocals)

The Footsteps were a Christchurch pop trio who began recording in 1972. They produced five singles on five different labels between 1972 and 1975.

Neville Barrie began his pop vocal career when he was 17 years old while in Dunedin. He formed a group called Neville Barrie and the Commodores with Keith Harper on vocals, Kevin Bell on guitar, Graeme Fairburn on bass and Ian Gourley on drums. They released one single in 1960 called "Keep Walkin' "/"You've Stolen My Heart".

Neville later moved to Christchurch where he formed the Footsteps. Peter Gillette later replaced Eric Robinson on keyboards. Peter was also a member of Peter Nelson and the Castaways as well as having a stint with Chapta and later playing with Moviez.

The five singles by the Footsteps were "Maybe"/"For You" in 1972, "Oh What A Day" backed with a Rob Guest song in 1973, "Christmas Time"/"Love Is All The Colours" in 1973, "Do You Care"/"Streaking" in 1974 and "Wrist Wrestling"/"Do You Care" in 1975.


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