1972 - 1976


Family was a New Zealand subsidiary of Pye Ltd. created in 1971 by Tim Murdoch. The first releases were in January 1972. When the New Zealand Pye Records was shut down in 1976 the label ceased to exist. PolyGram New Zealand took over the catalogue along with the rest of the Pye catalogue in 1980.

There were quite a few overseas artists on the label.

Only New Zealand Artists shown.


 FAY 1000          1972

Freedom Express

A: We Gotta Get You A Woman
B: Midnight Shift  
FAY 1011          1972

Eliza Keil

A: Everyday Is Sunday
Something In The Way She Moves

FAY 1012          1972

Eliza Keil

A: You'll Never Be So Young Again
B: Evil Ways


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FAY 1014          1972


A: Don't Believe
B: Passing The Time Away

FAY 1016         1972


A: Country Pickin'
B: Sunshine Town

FAY 1025          1972

Roger Skinner And The Motivation

A: Have A Cuppa Tea
B: I Want My People To Know

FAY 1026          1972

Ray Columbus and Jillian Richards

A: Tell Me You Do

Ray Columbus

B: Girl In Oamaru

FAY 1028          1972

John Hanlon

A: Mickey Mouse House
B: Old Fashioned Music

Image not available
FAY 1029          1972


A: A Little Piece At A Time
B: The Wonder Of You

FAY 1032          1972

Bruce Young

A: Death Is In The Air
B: That Was A Love Affair

FAY 1033          1972

Kaye Wolfgramm & Cruise Lane

A: Death Is In The Air
B: Ego


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FAY 1036          1972

Roger Skinner And The Motivation

A: Wish I Could See You Again
B: I Got That Feeling Again

Image not available
FAY 1047          1972

Chic Littlewood

A: Let's Make Every Day A Christmas
B: Jingle Bells (Australasia)

FAY 1059          1972

Cruise Lane with Lou Rawnsley, Josie Rika & Dave Stewart

A: We All Have To Find Our Way Home

Lou Rawnsley with Cruise Lane

B: Waiheke

FAY 1060          1973

Denny Cook

A: Hey, Hey, Mr Pompidou
B: The Games Are On

FAY 1061          1973

John Hanlon

A: Damn The Dam
B: When Will I Write This Song

FAY 1062         1973

Paul Bennett

A: As You Go Your Way
B: This Wonderful World

FAY 1063          1973

Ray Columbus

A: I'm Good For You
B: Missing You


Image Not Available Image Not Available
FAY 1064          1973

Ray Woolf

A: Claudia
B: You Look So Good To Me

FAY 1066          1973

Mark Hunter

A: X-Ray Creature
B: Dinghy Days

FAY 1067          1973

Ray Columbus

A: Computer Dater
B: Jangles, Spangles, And Banners

FAY 1068          1973


A: Taken Back To Mother Earth Again
B: You're Fine

FAY 1069          1973

1953 Memorial Society Rock "n" Roll Band

A: Tallahassee Lassie
B: Let The Good Times Roll

FAY 1070          1973

John Hanlon

A: Knowing
B: Flight Of The Seagull

FAY 1071          1973


A: Love Me, Love Me
B: Time Will Tell

FAY 1074          1973


A: Teach Me How To Fly
B: The Road

Image Not Available
FAY 1075          1973


A: Green River
B: Especially For You

FAY 1078          1973

Shane Hales

A: Bad Weather
B: Leaving

FAY 1079          1974

Des Gay And The Foolish Fag's

A: Pine Tree Des Gay
B: Ballad Of Des Gay

FAY 1080          1973

John Hanlon

A: Shy Ann
B: In Love Out Of Love

FAY 1081          1973

Ray Columbus

A: Singing The Blues
B: Summertime Blues

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