Allied International 2



JAR-538          Nov-1966

Ginny Peters

A: Where There's Smoke There's Fire
B: My Blue Room

JAR-539          Dec-1966


A: There She Is
B: Where Have You Been All My Life?

JAR-540          Dec-1966


A: Social End Product
B: I'm Over Here

JAR-543          Jan-1967


A: Surfin' Craze
B: Donna

JAR-545          Apr-1967


A: I'm A Little Man
B: Sherlock Sweet

JAR-547          1967

Jim Coyle with the Crescendos

A: Finger Popper
B: Orange Blossom Special

JAR-548          1967


A: Now She's Mine
B: I Want Your Love


The group's name is spelt wrong on the label. It shouldn't have the "c".

JAR-549          Jun-1967


A: Alone On The Beach
B: I Ran All The Way Home

JAR-554          May-1967


A: Bengal Tiger
B: Tea For Two

JAR-555          Jul-1967


A: Women
B: Lord, Lord

JAR-556          May-1967


A: You Were Born For Me
B: Hey Look What You've Done

JAR-558          Sep-1967


A: I Can't Stop
B: I'll Be Around

JAR-559          1967


A: Makin' My Mind Up
B: I'll Never Dance Again

JAR-560          Oct-1967

Hi-Revving Tongues

A: (The Psychedelic) Illusion
B: Hate To Go

JAR-561          Nov-1967


A: Three Little Men
B: San Francisco Bay Blues

JAR-562          Nov-1967

Ginny Peters

A: Waiting On The Green Green Grass Of Home
B: Slipping Around

JAR-563          Nov-1967

Fair Sect Plus One

A: I Love How You Love Me
B: Mohair Sam

JAR-564          1968

Tommy Bates & Janet Taylor with The 'Slo-Mo-Shuns'

A: River City Ditty

Norah Scanlon

B: Wanganui

JAR-565          Feb-1968

Hi-Revving Tongues

A: Not Some Of The Time
B: You'll Find Me Anywhere

JAR-566          Feb-1968

Tomorrow's Love

A: 7 And 7 Is
B: What Shall I Do

JAR-567          Jul-1968

Le Frame

A: Knock On Wood
B: Get Ready

JAR-570          May-1968


A: Poor Boy's Dream
B: When Will I Be Loved

JAR-571          May-1968

Hi-Revving Tongues

A: Come Back And Love Me
B: I've Been Lonely Too Long

JAR-572          1968

Warren Lambert

A: Try To Remember
B: Face In The Crowd

JAR-574          1968


A: Heart
B: Hayride

JAR-575          1968

Les Andrews

A: Hairs
B: Captain Cook

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