Allied International

1962 - 1970


New Zealand owned label Allied International started as Top Rank Records in 1959. The founding partners were Auckland promoter and owner of Prestige Records, Phil Warren (who owned 50%), New Zealand cinema chain and venue owner Kerridge-Odeon, and the massive UK Rank Organisation (who jointly owned 50%). When Phil Warren folded his Prestige label, he moved all of his artists into this label. It changed its name to Allied International in 1962. By 1968 Allied International was solely owned by G.A. Wooller & Co. Ltd, who also owned Pye Records New Zealand Ltd. They started to amalgamate Allied International into the Pye label. By 1971 all its artists were being released on Pye Records and the Allied International label ceased to be.

Top Rank started with the catalogue number JAR-101 and went through to JAR-449. They released records by international artists, and only one New Zealander was included on the label.

Only New Zealand Artists shown.


JAR-358          1961

Kahu Pineaha

A: Corina, Corina
B: Calendar Girl

JAR-400          1961

Kahu Pineaha

A: Kiss Of Fire
B: Did You Hear About Jerry

JAR-450          1962

Al Paget Sextet

A: Gunshot
B: Portugese Washerwoman

JAR-451          1962

Bill Morton with the Al Paget Sextet

A: Jezebel
B: Spanish Harlem

JAR-468          1963

Dick Neal with Ben Tawhiti's Matonairs

A: You Are My Sunshine
B: Crying

JAR-469          1963

Four Fours

A: That Happy Feeling
B: Janice B

JAR-476          1963

Four Fours

A: Wolf
B: Salenaci

JAR-492          1964

Four Fours

A: Barrow Boy
B: Answer Me The Wind

JAR-497          1964

Four Fours

A: Everytime
B: Jungle Cat

JAR-503          1964

Four Fours

A: She's Gonna Get Me
B: Moon Blues

JAR-507          Jun-1965


A: But She's Gone
B: Don't Ya

JAR-508          Jun-1965


A: Girl Can't Help It
B: Just A Little Bit

JAR-509          Jun-1965

Dallas Four

A: Silence Is Golden
B: Louie Louie

JAR-510          Jun-1965

Four Fours

A: Time Slips Away
B: Theme From An Empty Coffee Lounge

JAR-512          Aug-1965

Four Fours

A: Baby Come Back To Me
B: It's Gonna Rain

JAR-513          Oct-1965


A: You Told A Lie
B: I Had You

JAR-514          Nov-1965

Four Fours

A: You're My Baby (And Don't You Forget It)
B: Four Bad Men

JAR-515          Dec-1965

Astro Beats

A: Jenka Rock
B: Bugle Call Jenka

JAR-516          Dec-1965

Jim Coyle

A: Spotty
B: Stateway Stopover

JAR-517          Jan-1966


A: Down The Hall On Saturday Night
B: It's Alright

JAR-518          Jan-1966


A: Theme From The Endless Summer
B: P.S. I Love You

JAR-520          Mar-1966


A: House Of Mildoom
B: Be True To Me

JAR-522          Jan-1966


A: It's You
B: You're Wrong

JAR-523          Mar-1966

Ginny Peters with Jim Coyle

A: Nimble Fingers

Jim Coyle

B: Stewball

JAR-524          Jun-1966


A: Illusions
B: Ballad Of Willie Seton

JAR-525          Aug-1966


A: Yes It's Time
B: Milkman

JAR-528          Aug-1966

Ginny Peters

A: Busted
B: Puppett

JAR-532          Oct-1966

Jim Coyle with the Garth Young Trio

A: Soaring

Jim Coyle with the Crescendos

B: Slipping And Sliding

JAR-533          Oct-1966


A: Love Came My Way
B: You've Done Your Best

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