Pye Records

1969 - 1976


Pye Records New Zealand Ltd was owned by G.A. Wooller & Co. Ltd, who also owned Allied International. Pye released more than 600 records in New Zealand from 1958. The majority were by overseas artists. There are an enormous variety in the catalogue numbers used, but it would appear that a couple of ranges were used for New Zealand artists. In the 7N range, the 14000's were used before changing to the PZS range. Towards the end of the 14000 series, there were some overseas artists allocated within this range.

Allied International artists were merged onto the Pye label from 1970. After 1977 Pye records was owned and distributed by Polygram Records Ltd.


7N-14001          1969

Fair Sect

A: High Flying Bird
B: Big Spender

7N-14002          1969

Village Gossip

A: Sometimes When The Sun Shines
B: A Man And A Woman

7N-14003          1969

Tommy Adderley

A: Who Could Be Loving You
B: Bring Another Bottle With You Baby

7N-14004          Jun-1969

Jacqui James

A: Don't Touch Me
B1: If I Were A Carpenter
B2: Walk Away Rene
B3: You Can't Hurry Love

7N-14005          Jul-1969

Mike Durney

A: Why Can't I Cry
B: A Little Bit Of Heaven

7N-14006          1969

Tommy Ferguson

A: Something Bad On My Mind
B: Shoot 'Em Up Baby

7N-14007          1969

Frank Chase

A: Frog
B: Popeye Dance

7N-14008          1969

John Goodare

A: Movin' From The City
B: Fool's Goldmine

7N-14009          1969


A: Fire
B: Mind Patterns

7N-14010          Oct-1969

Lew Pryme

A: Sink The Bismarck (The Feat Of Fantastic Fergie)
B: Deck Of Cards

7N-14011          1970

Roger Skinner And The Motivation

A: Sour Milk Sea
B: Sweet Lorraine

7N-14012          1970

Human Instinct

A: I Think I'll Go Back Home
B: You Really Got Me

7N-14013          Jun-1970

Human Instinct

A: Midnight Sun
B: Idea

7N-14014          Aug-1970

Lyndon Ferris

A: Times Have Changed
B: I Am Now

7N-14015          Aug-1970

Ray Woolf

A: Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon
B: From Atlanta To Goodbye

7N-14016          1970

Human Instinct

A: Black Sally
B: Tomorrow

7N-14017          Nov-1970

John Goodare

A: Natural Born Drivin' Man
B: Just A State Of Mind

7N-14018          Nov-1970


A: It Must Be Love
B: So Strange

7N-14019          Feb-1971          EP

Les Andrews

A1: Prophets Of Doom
A2: Hairs
B1: It's Now Or Never
B2: If I Were A Rich Man

7N-14020          Feb-1971

Shirley Kay Angell

A: Yo Yo
B: Words

7N-14021          Feb-1971

Lew Pryme

A: Give A Little, Take A Little
B: Welcome To My World

7N-14022          Feb-1971

Lyndon Ferris With The Candy Corporation

A: Serenade To Aboukra (Part 1)
B: Serenade To Aboukra (Part 2)

7N-14023          Feb-1971


A: Wasting My Time
B: Old Grey Dog

7N-14024          Feb-1971


A: Justine
B: Dr. Roberts

7N-14025          1971

Human Instinct

A: Rainbow World
B: Highway

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